Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Jessie Blue Crying Grave

Legend read on

Location of investigation: Parks cemetery, Hwy alt.17, Summerville, South Carolina

The Story: A toddler-age child is buried here. When you get to his grave, you hear crying. If you leave a toy on the grave, the crying stops.

Date of investigation: Nov. 27, 2010

Verdict: Peace and quiet

This is the grave stone in question for young Jessie Blue Hyatt:
I stood still for several moments, and even left and came back. I didn't hear a thing but traffic out on the nearby road. Also, unlike many other young children's graves, there were not toys all around it. You can see a small faded Xmas decroation toppled over on the right, and a small confederate flag stuck into the ground on the left, and that is all that was there. I sensed nothing out of whack, it was as peaceful as any other part of the cemetery.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm not in the realm of haunting, I swear....

I just haven't been anywhere morbidly interesting in awhile, and yes, I am itchy for some action of that subject.

I recently read about a local legend I had not heard of; apparently in a nearby cemetery there is a relatively new (2002 I believe) tombstone of a young boy. Apparently if you go near it, you hear a child crying, but if you then place a toy or other offering on the grave the crying ceases.

I'll check on this one, possibly tomorrow, and hopefully it will be a fruitful adventure.

Thank you to those following my blog, I'm not an exaggerator or over-reactor like the guys who have their own ghost hunting shows, my M.O. is honest and skeptical investigation and I appreciate you reading about my endeavors.