Friday, July 27, 2012

Flying The Ghostly Skies

A friend's cousin, who has long believed she is targeted by spirits, both friendly and otherwise, snapped some photos out the window of the plane she was in, I suppose at the colors of the dawn or something. She saw nothing unusual when taking the pic but here is what she had on review:


And let's zoom in on deep-in-thought dude there:


I'm sure she was glad to have a slightly apprehensive and a bit frustrated looking spirit here instead of an angry one. Although I think it is a fun picture, which is why I'm sharing it with y'all, here's what I think she has:

You know those little lights above you in the plane that you can adjust the direction of? I think whatever direction they were in caused a reflection off of a photo inside plastic in a planner or wallet type item open on the tray table or the girls lap. The reflection combined with the camera flash caused this guy to look like he was hanging out in space.

Also, it looks like he is wearing a dress-blues military style hat that has a point in front, a white dress shirt with dark tie, and dark jacket with plain epaulets. Meaning, this looks like a graduation photo for military or police training. Also, the facial expression is that of a newbie......determined but not super confident quite yet.

Anyway, just a neat pic.

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